SUP – Just starting out…

Just starting out? See our FAQ’s below: 

Q: Can SUPs  only be used in the ocean or for surfing waves?
A: No – Even though SUPs look like surfboards, you don’t need waves or even the ocean. In fact, all you need is a body of water (river, lake/dam).

Q: Where is the best place to start?
A: Flat water (river,lake or dam) is preferred for building your SUP’ping skills.

Q: Where can I get a board?
A: Look at renting a board at first, most surf shops that sell SUP boards also rent them. Once you are committed you can speak to the surf shop to purchase a board.

Q: What size paddleboard is best for me?
A: That depends on your weight / skill level, where you plan to SUP and the conditions. Talk to a expert (local surf store etc) to see where to start. They might also be able to provide SUP lessons, which could get you up and paddling in no time.

Q: What should I wear when SUP’ping?
A: That all depends on your local conditions. In warmer climates / water you can wear whatever you are comfortable with – a T shirt and shorts or swimsuit. In cold climates / water a wetsuit might be required.

Q: What does a full paddleboarding setup cost?
A: Depending on which SUP you choose, the cost of a board starts about R6000,00 onwards. Remember that you also need a paddle, they start at about R800.00. Initially it might be easier to purchase second hand equipment or rent a board until you know all the inns and outs.


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