Why SUP?

Ever wondered if you should get a SUP? Let me tell why you should…..

Surfing requires waves. With SUPs, you do not need waves – as simple as that. All you need is a flat body of water, a stand up board and a paddle and away you go.

Take Hout Bay as an example, there is the big wave spot, Dungeons – but lets face it – it is way out of the comfort zone of the ‘average’ ocean user and the bay itself has no waves. Thus unless you only want to go for a swim, SUP is the answer. You can paddle across the bay or just play next to the harbor wall, there is fun to be had.

With the popularity of Stand Up Paddleboard as a sport, you are seeing SUPs in just about every line up and I’m sure soon on just about every lake and river. As the numbers increase you will see them everywhere, because riding a SUP is easy and lots of fun. There is also the health and fitness aspect of it; I mean there are actually people doing yoga on them.

I predict that very soon the guys inland, where there are only lakes and rivers will start to get into SUPs. You will see more and more people riding them young, old, male and female. It is that accessible – simply anyone can do it. Most guys who have taken up riding a Stand Up Paddle Board have more than one SUP in their garage or on the surf rack of their car as they head out to the water.

Another great aspect of SUP is that it allows you to get together with your friends, social groups, clubs, or just yourself and spend some leisure time on the water, sightseeing, cruising, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

While you are paddling, you are getting good exercise and some special time alone or with your friends in a very healthy atmosphere. Many who ride a SUP use it for physical training. It is especially good for core, legs, and shoulder training. An hour of steady paddling will wear you out and give you a terrific workout. While you are training or just paddling, it will clear your mind and get your blood flowing for a good cardiovascular workout.

All you need to do is get a board and a paddle that are suited for you so that you will have a smooth stable ride. Proper sizing of your SUP and paddle is very important. It might also be a good idea for you to take a lesson or two from your local surf shop or water sports facility. The experts in the shop and your instructor will make sure that you make the proper choices. SUPs come in different types and designs.

There is beginner hard and soft SUPs, intermediate and professional SUPs.

Depending on which SUP you choose, the cost of a board starts about R6000,00 onwards. Remember that you also need a paddle, they start at about R800.00. Initially it might be easier to purchase second hand equipment until you know all the ins and outs.

So get out there and just do it!.

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