SUP Trotters: A Social Network Community

Awhile ago we came across SUP Trotters. They are a social network community for Stand Up Paddlers i.e. something like a FaceBook type website for SUP guys and girls.

Their heading states “SUP Trotters is the online social network for stand up paddlers. Discover new spots and meet suppers around the world!”

The website is straight forward and easy to navigate and use, you simply register and create a profile for yourself. Once you’ve done that you are able to log your SUP sessions. You can say where the session took place, which board & paddle you used, add photo’s or video and describe the whole session in detail. This is then shared with all your followers and after you have logged a couple of sessions you are able to analyze your statistics! How many times did you SUP this month/year? What is your top spot? Your most used board?

With all the sessions logged by the different users in the community it builds a nice database of SUP spots around the world. So you can browse all the sessions and discover new spots. Most of the sessions logged has photos so you get an idea of what it actually look like. This is especially handy if you are traveling or planning to travel and you need to find a nice spot to SUP in an unknown area.

At the same time you are able to meet / interact with paddlers from all over the globe. You can ask a community member who is already paddling at a specific spot for some advice or tips regarding that spot or simply just build friendships. Every one here has SUP in common.

They also have a SUP directory which list SUP related companies from all over the globe. Here you can find business listing from Retail Stores & Instructors to Blogs & Information websites. Click here to discover our page in their directory. Cape Town SUP on SUP Trotters

Hope to see you on there. If you have a profile please follow us, we follow back and love to chat about all things SUP. Click here for our profile.



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