SUP Review: Why the Zeal Surf Easy Gliders are Sexy

Board: Zeal Surf Easy Glider
Dimensions: 9.6′ X 30 X 3.9
Volume: 131L
Shaper: Jon Cole

When Ian from Zeal Surf dropped this board off, as always the 1st thing I did was to pick up the board and test the weight – I liked it – it was somewhere between being light to medium weight for a board this size. It was sturdy yet elegant, you could sense this is a well rounded board designed for fun…….. Continue reading “SUP Review: Why the Zeal Surf Easy Gliders are Sexy”

The Unconventional Guide to Kagga Kamma

Our experience of a recent stay at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, all the fun and excitement in one shot.

We recently had the opportunity to visit the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve with some friends. It’s about 250km from Cape Town and the drive there is part of the fun. You get to drive thru the Huguenot Tunnel, Ceres and Prince Alfred Hamlet and then finally a small town called Op die Berg, before you turn off onto an easy and very scenic 35km dirt road. Continue reading “The Unconventional Guide to Kagga Kamma”