Why Man Made Waves & Foil Sups will make you question everything

Over this last week or so 2 very interesting social media posts hit the networks that will literally change the game as far as I’m concerned….

1) Kelly Slater’s wave pool: Although news broke about this man made wave pool last year already the recent hype is about Kelly inviting 4 other CT surfers for a bit of a show off. Whilst we all drool over the wave and wished that something like that will be build near us, the fact is that for us living at the coast it will probably never be a reality. However, imagine the impact that a wave pool like this will have inland, imagine a big corporate such as Samsung or Coke gets involved and the surf companies followed. All of sudden wave pools will pop up like sport stadiums, slowly here and there at first but then every town and city will have one.

We all know that the real ‘big’ money is inland, simply due to the fact that the population is more there, more people per square meter than on the coast. Look at how skateboarding has evolved.

A new breed of surfer will evolve, one that probably only saw the ocean on TV and in surf videos — The Inlanders — only surfing wave pools, paying an entry fee to the wave pool park or even buying a monthly ticket. Not caring about wind or tides, not having to deal with things like rips, stormy seas or shore breaks. Only knowing perfect waves that peel on demand….

Is that the future of surfing?

2) Kai Lenny on a Foil SUP: We’ve all seen Laird Hamilton on a foil before and although it was a cool concept it did have that feeling of ‘being out of our league’ I mean there aren’t many of us mere mortals who can even attempt the things that Laird does. But when Kai got on a foil it somehow brought foil SUP’ing closer to the crowds.

According to Kai “In a year, all the top guys will be down winding on hydrofoils,” he said. “It’s the fast way to downwind paddle.” So who are we to argue, in fact if I look at that thing now I want to try it and I’m sure there’s a million others like me out there.

So the questions are — will hydrofoils take over the market eventually and make the standard SUP downwind board obsolete? When will someone adapt the foil and go surfing with it?



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