The Great Hint Hunt Escape

If you are ever stuck for something to do in good ‘ole Cape Town, you simply have to go try this — Hint Hunt.

It a simple concept, you and a few of your mates have to solve a murder mystery and escape from a room. But don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you — this is fun and you need to be able to 2 and 2 together so to speak.

Four of us went one rainy winters eve, the perfect weather for this…… ‘sadly’ because this is Cape Town there was no lighting and thunder as backdrop to fit in with the murder mystery scenario…. On arrival you go through a quick debrief where the rules & instructions are given to you by one of the friendly Hint Hunt staff. You are introduced to your ‘Game Master’ and off you go — locked up in a room!

Once the timers starts you have 60min to solve the puzzles and get the door open, from what they say apparently only 40% of all attempts succeed. I can understand why, the clues range from very obvious and easy to almost absurdly abstract and hard to decipher. Luckily the game master drops a hint or 2 every now and then via a monitor mounted in the room that points you in the right direction. In our case we had 2 females and 2 males which gave us a good balance in terms of looking for clues — some of us went systematically from point to point whilst the others were all over the show peeping and investigating every nook and cranny of the room. (I’m not gonna say who did what but I’m sure you can guess! hahahahahaaa)

There is a white board and marker in the room that can be used to make notes and jot down things that is found for reference. The puzzles range from locks that need to be opened with secret combinations to finding keys and clues written on walls. At the start everything felt so foreign and I thought there is no ways that we would be able to get out of the room in 60 minutes. As time went on and we managed to solve a couple of puzzles in a row the excitement in the room was sky high and we were on a mission, the time on the clock was still ticking away but at least we solved some stuff and we were feeling like geniuses. To be honest we had no order in terms of what needed to be done and how many puzzles we had left before the time was up, we simply forged ahead and literally stumbled across the clues one by one.

The last five minutes was a killer, we could sense we were close but had no way of knowing exactly. One of the last puzzles required some math calculations and the onus fell on me, jeez talk about pressure! Once I had the answer I had relay the number for someone to use the digits on a unlock a lock, 1st time it failed and we had to try again. We got the lock open on the 2nd attempt and……. rope-lights flashed……the door opened and we made it with 2:47min to spare…. what a rush… !

Afterwards we went to have a drink and celebrate our own inner ‘Sherlock Holmes’ skills.

All in all this was great fun, apparently the have a Zen room with a pass rate of 20%! We will definitely have to attempt that one soon…..

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