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Muizenberg aka Surfer’s Corner is probably the most famous and well know beginner surf spot in Cape Town. It is one of the few spots in the Cape Peninsula that has waves all year round and it’s gentle, rolling waves is suited to everyone especially long-boarders and stand up paddle boarders. Even onshore here is more or less ride-able. The added bonus is that its waters are approximately 6 °C warmer than those of spots on the Atlantic side, thus you don’t always need a wetsuit.

It can get crowed especially over weekends and school holidays, but luckily there is a whole stretch of ocean that can be used. I’ve had some awesome sessions here early in the morning when the rest of the world is still sleeping and there is just a handful of us out. It works best in a north-westerly wind direction and a southerly swell, and can produce corduroy lines with long rides. Winter seems to be the best season for surfing here and when a big groundswell hits Muizenberg can get epic.

Sharks is and will always be part of the equation here, more because of sightings than actual shark attacks. As far as I know there has only ever been one attack in Muizenberg and it was not fatal. However, there is a unique warning system in place – Shark Spotters. These guys and girls monitor the ocean from a spot way up on Boyes Drive to warn of any sign of a cruising great white.

There is a flag system on the beach that indicates the shark status. So before you hit the water, check the flag status:

Black flag: Indicates murky water which means the shark spotters can’t see sharks too well;

White flag with a shark: Indicates there is a shark cruising the water somewhere close;

Red flag: Indicates there has been a shark in the area in the last hour but you can go into the water at your own risk;

Green flag: Indicates clear conditions and no sharks spotted.

The vibe in the water is mellow and filled with a range of surfers / body boarders and SUP’s of all ages, males and females. It is truly a hub of surfing in Cape Town. Almost every surfer has been here at least once, love or hate it… The beach area and parking lot is a hang out place of note for families and friends alike. Plenty of coffee shops, surf schools and surf shops to be found here. You can sign up for lessons, hire a board and wetsuit (if needed) in one place and have a steaming cup of coffee next door when you finished your session.


Spot Videos

May 2017:  Early Morning Session.

Aug 2016 – Playing around in the surf with my SUP & GoPro. This is at Surfers Corner with a cleanish 2ft swell…

Nov 2014 – One early morning Longboard session…


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