Women who SUP: Brigette van Aswegen

Name: Brigette van Aswegen
Age: I am 21 years old with 20 years experience (…Good answer there B)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I live in Kommetjie and I am a mum. I have insanely gorgeous and hysterical twins girls who share the love of the ocean like me. In fact Mia came 5th at her first South African Long Board Champs in Mossel Bay in April. I work in a very dynamic team in the property department at Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs in the Foreshore and am very driven.

2. How long have you been Stand Up Paddle Boarding?
I have been paddle boarding since 2009 and after having tried it once I went out the very next day and bought a Coreban Classic Woody 9.6…and that folks is how my greatest love affair started. People can disappoint but the ocean never does…she keeps you humble.

3. How did you get into SUP?
I used to be quite heavy into SUP racing and down-winding and travelled extensively in South Africa to compete and secure my position to represent South Africa on the international arena. I was part of the first South African Stand Up Paddle Board team that travelled to Peru for the 1st ISA World Paddle Board Championships. I also won my division in the Molokai to Ohau World Championships in Hawaii (M2O) and was applauded in Parliament for my achievements. And competed in subsequent ISA World Champs in Nicaragua…man the surf there is insane !

4. Do you do SUP Surf / Yoga / Cruize?

Now I only SUP surf. I don’t do any other SUP disciplines. Between longboarding and road running it keeps me out of mischief.

5. What boards to you ride? (Brand / Size)
I have a Naish Gun 9.8 for big wave riding.

6. Favourite Spot?

I am goofy and I prefer larger waves…line-ups much less crowded…so it’s Scarborough Point, Outer Kom, Witsand and Thermoplye, given a choice. But still have tons of fun on a punchy day at Muizenberg.

7. What’s the vibe like in the water?
The vibe is always chilled if you adhere to surfers code of conduct…especially don’t drop in and always control your board.

8. Do you recon there is enough female SUP coverage out there?
I think there is more than enough coverage for woman in SUP. If you good at something you will get coverage and exposure. Parliament accolade a perfect example. There are plenty of SUP forums on social media and if you are a sponsored team rider you have all the backing in the world from your brand and associate brands that you are an Ambassador for.

9. Are there any barriers that prevent more women from taking up the sport?

Growing up gender never really came into it. I ran, swam, road BMXS, climbed trees, played tok tokkie and did everything with boys and just never saw gender as a barrier. Just go out there, everyday, and do the stuff you love and not let gender get in the way. Of course I will always speak up for equality…but we only have one life…do what you love and pave the pathway for others and just celebrate the game of life.

10. Lastly, would you buy a Pink SUP Board?
Of course I would ride a pink board…how many worthy causes use pink as their colour of choice and I fully support those causes. The colour of your board doesn’t define your capability or skill. I would love to ride a pink “gumdrop”

***Thanks to Kim Bouchier for doing the interview, checkout Kim’s SUP photos on her FaceBook group: WHATSUP

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