Women who SUP: Caroline Hossack

a Short interview with my long time friend, super woman and all round water girl. She can do it all, believe me — from surfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, biking & art work — I’ve seen her do it all and had the privilege of sharing a couple of waves with her on numerous occasions…..

So here we go:

Caroline Hossack

Age : 56

CTS: Tell us a bit about yourself?

CH: I’m a water lover & sea addict, kitesurfer & graduate surfer to Sup’per….

CTS: How long have you been Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

CH: Been supping a year and a half now.

CTS: How did you get into SUP?

CH: I tried supping one day when the waves were just too small to surf. Borrowed a big 10 footer & after falling off about 50 times, I caught my first wave . That was it, I was totally hooked & then went smaller with the boards, finally settling on a Full Carbon board that is so light I can carry it anywhere & it moves & turns like lightning on a wave!

CTS: Do you do SUP Surf / Yoga / Cruize?

CH: Waveriding is my preference.

CTS: What boards to you ride? (Brand / Size)

CH: I ride a Carbon VanHunks 7,6 x 29.

CTS: Favourite Spot?

CH: Not telling ! Although it is West Coast…. 🙂

CTS:What’s the vibe like in the water?

CH: The vibe is great in the water, always a smile, although coming from a surfing background I make sure to give a wave away to a surfer first. It’s way easier to catch a wave on a Sup & I get loads of waves.

CTS: Do you recon there is enough female SUP coverage out there?

CH: Sup coverage is growing for women as is the sport for women, I find it pretty even actually .

CTS: Are there any barriers that prevent more women from taking up the

CH: No barriers at all . A lot of women catch on faster than men when it comes to Sup’ping . I think our balance is better & I know lots of women who have gone straight into Supping never having surfed at all .

CTS: Lastly, would you buy a Pink SUP Board?

CH: Yes, Pink is spectacular ! I think we love to distinguish ourselves from the guys anyway , although pink is also no longer exclusively a female’s choice in sporting gear!


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