Why LockRacks?

One of my biggest issues with SUP / Surf travel by car has always been the roof-rack and straps to hold the boards down whilst you cruise from spot to spot. Even if it was just a Saturday morning and I was going down to beach for a quick paddle. I had to get the boards onto the car, then get the straps (untangle them 1st most of the time) and do the whole rig of getting the straps over, walking around the car to do so and then back. Then get the strap through the clamp (mission sometimes when the strap ends are frayed), then pull till it’s tight and tie the loose ends down. Taking the boards down at the beach was easier but then coming home I had to do the same again to fasten the boards – with tired arms. Anyone who transports any type of board, canoe or kayak regularly will agree I’m sure.

Then I saw a couple of guys drive around town with these arm type things on the roof-rack that hold their board down. I googled it and and came across the LockRack Youtube channel, it looked like a good system and the reviews I read were all positive. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the system founder was a Saffa, from Durban – Brad Foster. I decided to get myself one to see if it will make my life easier.

I got the 65CM base with the double SUP arms.
Here is what was in the boxes:
Bases x 2,
Arms x 4
Screw Sets x 4
LockRack Keys x 4

After watching the ‘how to install‘ clip on Youtube I had good idea on how it’s done, but the one issue for me was that I didn’t have the type of roof-racks with a groove in it. Mine was the solid flat type. John Flannigan, the Western Cape Agent for LockRack advised that he had the same issue and simply drilled two 6mm holes in each roof-rack and then used 6mm stainless steel bolts with nyloc nuts to fasten them. I did just that and the installation was a breeze.

*I have since found out that LockRack does have adapter brackets for roof racks without grooves, both square bar and a universal adapter. So mention that when you make your purchase.

Once the bases were on you simply slide the arms in and there you go – finished.

Initially I was slightly worried that my boards won’t fit or that they will slide out or that the system will have some wind noise or or or …. That was all unnecessary, LockRack works like a dream. I’ve had the system for about 3 weeks now, done a trip from Cape Town to Mossel Bay and back with 2 boards on and there was no issues at all.

For me it’s so much easier and quicker to get boards on and then off again now.

If there is one thing I think could be improved upon it would be the plastic keys supplied with the system. It seems a bit flimsy and they are not inserted all the way into the lock, they could strip. However, you do get 4 of them so it’s no big deal. I also read on the website that the keys can be replaced if you have the key numbers. For safety’s sake I always carry a spare key in my glove box just in case.

In my humble opinion this is a must have….

The contact details for them is available via the link below:


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