About Me

This Blog is about my Stand Up Paddling life in and around Cape Town. I’m just another guy in the water,  a weekend warrior enjoying the waves.

My progression to SUP came from surfing, the ‘normal’ story for about anyone my age. Surfed a 6’4 all my life, then moved onto a 7’2 minimal and eventually a 9’6 longboard, which I still surf every now and then.

I then got hooked on SUP and here I am.

My original blog started sometime during 2012 and I got into SUP in about 2014 / 2015. The focus of the blog then moved to SUP and here I am. When I bought a Gopro I also started a YouTube version of Cape Town SUP together with the other social media profiles.

I am not affiliated to anyone or any brand but do have good relationship with the guys from ZealSurf, Van Hunks and Expression on the Beach. Anyone can contact me and I’m always keen to get involved with most things SUP, Surf or Ocean related.

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