SUP made Easy: 8 Tips to help you

I’ve had a couple of emails from guys n girls asking for advice on how to get started with SUP, so I decided to list my 5cents (or 8cents…) worth of tips:
1. The Right Board
Foremost is getting the right board for you. Will you be SUP surfing or flat water / open ocean paddling? Each discipline has its own type of board and within those types a whole host of different variations. Also consider the board volume and rider weight. Ask the guys at your local SUP store or do the search online.   Get a board that matches your skill level, there is no point and getting a top of the range board but then you can’t master it. 

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Spots: Muizenberg

Muizenberg aka Surfer’s Corner is probably the most famous and well know beginner surf spot in Cape Town. It is one of the few spots in the Cape Peninsula that has waves all year round and it’s gentle, rolling waves is suited to everyone especially long-boarders and stand up paddle boarders. Even onshore here is more or less ride-able. The added bonus is that its waters are approximately 6 °C warmer than those of spots on the Atlantic side, thus you don’t always need a wetsuit. Continue reading “Spots: Muizenberg”