Not the Cape Town Cycle Race (part2)

Arriving at the water point I literally drop my bike in the shade, stumble to get my water bottled refilled and grab some more jelly beans. It’s frikkin hot and all my enthusiasm for a 100km cycle has gone out the window… I just want to finish this bloody thing now. I rest for about 5min but because I know that there is a cut off time at the finish line, I don’t want to waste too much time here. 21 km to go. I’m feeling…. Continue reading “Not the Cape Town Cycle Race (part2)”

Insider Scoop: The Zeal Surf Rocket

 Zeal Surf recently released their Rocket SUP Surf, here is the low down of that board:

The Rocket is basically a cut off rectangular “slate” or slab, this kind of SUP is a Mini-Sims inspired concept BUT…. with modern improvements. It is their most dynamic small wave performance board. The 2017 Rocket design has been updated. This includes a thinner nose, further reducing the pendulum action, flatter deck for more standing comfort, and better volume distribution, for improved flotation and stability. Continue reading “Insider Scoop: The Zeal Surf Rocket”

Hydrofoils for SUP Geeks…

CTS Foils

Every now and then there is a news flash on it, slowly but surely the word is getting out – some recon this is the next big thing, others skeptically look at it and shake their heads. 1st it was Laird Hamilton on a surfboard that made the surfing headlines and now more recently Kai Lenny on a SUP that had the social media networks buzzing….

Hydrofoils….. or just Foils for short. Continue reading “Hydrofoils for SUP Geeks…”